Scopri la Quintana di Ascoli Piceno, emozioni di Ascoli medievale

The Quintana

Colours, sounds and medieval emotions of Ascoli Piceno


A race of skills and dexterity to win the Palio

The Quintana Horse Race is a competition among six knights, each one representing a local district. During the race, the knight must use a spear and ride a horse on a 8 shape route to hit the “moro” in the middle. Each assault corresponds to a certain score. The knight has to make 3 assaults in a row for each turn (named “tornata”). There are 3 turns for each knight for a total amount 9 assaults. The most precise and the fastest knight wins the race.

Rules of the horse race

The feudal origins of the Jousts

The tournaments were a product of feudalism and cavalry and were related to the war-fighting games of many populations, aimed at practicing military art. There used to be many tournaments during the XII and XIII century, both in big cities and small villages. Jousts became even more famous than tournaments from the XIII century and started to spread all around the country.

Enjoy and live the medieval atmosphere of the Quintana!

Visit Ascoli Piceno in July and August


Scenic and ancient sports discipline for the conquest of the Flagwaivers Palio 

All year round, they train all agonists performing under the starry sky of Piazza Arringo, in the five specialities of the federeal regulation, and now boast national awards and medals that enrich the palmar of the Picenians.

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A magical and sumptuous leap in the Middle Ages, a cathartict moment that involves the entire city of Ascoli Piceno

With its 1500 figurines, dating back to the picturesque setting of the historic center of Ascoli Piceno, wearing gorgeous costumes of 1400, the historical parade of the Quintana of Ascoli Piceno stands out for its charm and beauty. In the eyes of the public jump to the eye, increasing the emotion, the beauty of the ladies, the carrying of the armed, the knights and the Magistrature.

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The vassal Castles of Ascoli Piceno
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The ancient cult of Sant’Emidio
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Hall of fame of the Quintana
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Historical collection of the Palio
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During the summer months, Ascoli Piceno offers a rich calendar of events to immerse youself in the medieval atmosphere of the city

Discover the detailed calendar of the 2018 summer events related to the Quintana of Ascoli Piceno and live the medieval atmosphere of the Picenians culture.

2018 Schedule

The Quintana does not just means flags, hore races, and sumptuous clothes. The historical recollection of Ascoli Piceno also offers the opportunity to discover ancient rites and traditions, which are the cornerstone of the most important moments of Ascoli Piceno

Discover the moments of the Quintana


Discover the modern subdivision of Ascoli Piceno and the peculiarities of each district

Discover all the districts


The stadium ‘Squarcia’ has for years been the venue where the horse race take place

The stadium ‘Squarcia’ is closed to the historic center of Ascoli Piceno, in the avenue De Gasperi. After some renovation works, is now used to the Quintana, in particular for the cavalry Joust.

Enjoy and live the medieval atmosphere of the Quintana!

Visit Ascoli and enjoy the extraordinary horse races in July and August.

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